Your regional BMW dealer has everything you need to perform preventative maintenance and retain the elegance of your BMW. Our parts department can special order any part that is already on your vehicle and even options you may have passed up before. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) BMW parts are reliable and held to the highest standards of quality. Whether you need a mirror, brakes, hoses, or any other part, you can rest assured that any BMW part you order is an exact replica or upgraded version of the original equipment in your vehicle. It is therefore practically guaranteed to reach the same lifespan as the part it is replacing or last even longer when properly installed.

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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

Higher Quality

The reliability and quality of aftermarket parts is questionable at best. BMW spends billions of dollars engineering the leading-edge innovations that pack their state-of-the-art luxury vehicles. BMW has the strongest incentive to guarantee the safety and performance of their vehicles by holding their parts suppliers to the highest level of contractual contingencies. BMW executives have the strongest motive to ensure that they only contract parts from the most vetted and gifted parts suppliers who are kings of the German industry.

The inferior quality of aftermarket parts is often obvious at a glance. The rubber has a stiff plastic-like texture in many cases. The plastics seem cheap and flimsy. The metals are made of tinny mixtures that are rarely forged under high pressures to strengthen them like diamonds at a molecular level. The durability of these products is simply lacking when we do a side-by-side comparison with many products.

BMW uses premium alloy formulations and expert metallurgy techniques. The exotic steels used are notorious for their strength. Even the jaws of life that open ordinary vehicles like tin cans can find themselves in need of rescue when trying to crack open a BMW. The rubber parts that go into a BMW are the highest quality rubbers that resist heat, wear, and retain their suppleness at a full range of temperatures.

Supported by the OEM

OEM Brakes and Parts

If you install aftermarket parts on your BMW, prepare to pay heavy service bills when other parts in that system fail. BMW technicians see a range of vehicles and know the common issues that they experience. If your vehicle falls victim to a unique form of premature failure complications that are not affecting other vehicles, you can bet that the aftermarket part will be considered a factor. The BMW warranty may not be able to cover the costs of repairs required collateral to the installation of aftermarket parts. On the other hand, OEM parts are designed specifically with your vehicle in mind, and many come with a limited warranty.

Fits the First Time

Easy Brake Installations

The computer technicians at our parts counter know how to track down any tiny part your BMW may ever need. They work with our BMW technicians every day and are exceedingly efficient at what they do. When you order parts, you will be treated with the respect of a BMW technician and provided full detailed diagrams of the various systems you are working on to identify all the parts you may need. Many repairs, such as a head gasket or axle replacement, require stretch bolts or lock nuts that can only be used one time. In other cases, the bolts are so difficult to extract that the need for replacement is mandated to make them serviceable in the future. The long-term effect of aftermarket parts can incur incremental damages in a manner that is limited to the comprehension of the engineers who designed your BMW.

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