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Vehicles are recalled by their manufacturers more often than you would think, and while many of these recalls are for things that seem trivial, they need to be addressed sooner rather than later when you learn about them. You will most likely receive a recall notice from your car's manufacturer in the mail if your vehicle is being recalled for any reason, but if you haven't heard anything, you can always have us look for any recalls for you. All you need to do is fill out the form below this paragraph with your vehicle identification number (or VIN), and we will get back to if your BMW has in fact been recalled.

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What Should I Do If There is a Recall for my Vehicle?

Repairs and Recalls

When you find out that your car is being recalled for any reason, you will almost certainly need to bring it to the appropriate service center to make the necessary repairs. The defective parts will be replaced, and the performance and safety of your BMW will improve. There is no need to panic over this, either. Your BMW probably won't fail catastrophically on the highway, although you shouldn't wait too long before making an appointment with our service center to make the necessary repairs on your vehicle.

Do I Have to Pay for Recall Repairs?

Diagnostics and Repairs

A recall repair is intended to fix a manufacturing defect in your vehicle, so it won't fall on you to cover the costs. If you do need to pay for the repair or any replacement parts, you will be reimbursed by the manufacturer. Keep in mind that this only covers repairs that fall under the scope of the recall. If there is anything else that needs to be fixed, you will still need to pay for it.

In any event, our dealership will be able to determine if there is a recall for the make and model of your vehicle. We will also be able to make the repairs that it will need to operate safely and efficiently, so don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with our service center as soon as you learn about a recall.

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