BMW of Springfield can help nearly any customer to arrange a means of financing the purchase of their next vehicle. Whether you're in the market for a new or pre-owned car, BMW of Springfield can tap into our experience in helping people to get the car they desire whether through leasing or financing with an auto loan. Our helpful and friendly staff is more than happy to help our customers get the financing they need to drive away in a new or pre-owned BMW, no matter where they fall on the creditworthiness spectrum.

Is Financing Your Next BMW a Good Choice?

The bottom line is that there has never been a better time to finance a new or pre-owned vehicle. Interest rates continue at historically low levels. And this means that automotive finance companies are looking to make as many deals as they possibly can. In short, it's a buyers' market like none that has ever existed.

A buyers' market means that people who may have otherwise pictured themselves priced out of the market for a BMW may suddenly find that their dream car is more affordable than they had previously imagined. Through our lease and auto loan deals, BMW of Springfield can offer some of the lowest monthly payments of any car dealer around. And this can translate into that car you've always wanted suddenly being well within reach.

Some of our lease programs involve as little as a few hundred dollars in up-front costs. Leasing also typically generates lower monthly payments, making even brand-new high-end BMW vehicle's affordable to many. However, leasing may not be appropriate to those who put high miles on their cars or need to retain ownership.

For those who prefer owning their vehicles, auto loans may provide a highly affordable and incredibly convenient way to drive off in a new or used BMW. In addition to building equity in your vehicle with every monthly payment, buying a BMW with an auto loan allows you to put as many miles on your car as you choose and to make any modifications to the vehicle that you would like. And with the low-interest rates of the last five years, the simple affordability of a new or pre-owned BMW will very likely astound you.

What If You Have Bad Credit?

While bad credit isn't ideal when taking out an auto loan, it's far from the deal killer that it is in other areas of finance. At BMW of Springfield, we've been helping people with poor or even atrocious credit to get into the cars they desire for decades. Auto finance companies are generally more willing to work with people who have less-than-ideal credit histories because the vehicle itself serves as a readily repossessed form of collateral. And people will usually make every effort to avoid the loss of their primary means of transportation, which automotive finance companies are generally inclined to overlook poor credit in favor of making deals happen.

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