With so many ways to purchase a new car, it can be difficult  deciding on the right financing option that best suits your needs. And while  buying definitely has its advantages, the benefits of leasing are often more  ideal for those who are on a budget. Read our list of leasing perks below to  find out if it is right for you!

A Better Car

This is one of the biggest reasons why drivers choose to go  with leasing. When you lease, you only finance the car's residual value, not  the entire cost. This makes it possible to have lower monthly payments, giving  you the opportunity to more easily afford a high-end luxury car like a brand-new  BMW sedan or BMW  SUV in Springfield, Missouri.

Less Turn-In Hassle

Let's face it, selling an old car can be frustrating. With  leasing, you don't have to worry about finding a buyer or haggling on a price.  At BMW of Springfield, we make it easy for our lessees to return their cars to  us. As long as you stick to your predetermined lease terms, you'll just hand us  the keys! You'll also have the option of buying your leased vehicle or you can exchange  it for another brand-new car and start your lease all over again!

Smaller Down Payments

Having a smaller down payment is important for many people  when it comes to purchasing their next vehicle. However, experts suggest  putting as much down as possible when you buy to keep payments low. Leases only  require a lessee to finance a portion of the car's total value, enabling  shoppers to put down a much smaller payment.

Lower Car Maintenance Costs

Car repairs and maintenance costs can add up fast. That's why  many people choose to lease - it allows them to keep these expenses fairly low.  New cars come with manufacturer warranties, which usually protect lessees  during the duration of their lease term.

Check out our huge selection of brand-new BMW  models online. When you're done, stop by our dealership and take one of  them for a test drive. If you're not quite ready to visit us and have  questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer your inquiries.

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