BMW XM Prototype Spotted Before Official Unveil  

Recently, interested people have managed to locate the XM prototype for BMW even before anyone has officially announced that it's out. Here are some details.


The official reveal is likely just around the corner, but before that happens, a few more photos and intel have come out. Many of the photos were actually in camouflage to make it more obvious, but you can still tell a bit about what's known so far. Much information is already out to some degree, such as the huge kidney grilles that remain visible. The roofline has a sporty look to it, and people can already tell that it's going to be even larger than many thought initially.

The wheels have photos revealing much about them. It's uncertain exactly what variant you'll be seeing from photos, but it is known that it will have strong wheels. The spokes are visible, and some have said that the Yokohama tires will be on the car. People do think that the information seems to point away from the most powerful 750-hp version of the vehicle.

There's a lot of mystique around the vehicle because it's so widely anticipated. Some kind of fake body panels is being deployed to make it harder to see exactly what is present on the vehicle and what is not. This seems to at least indicate how many people are focusing on the upcoming reveal of the car.

Whenever special spy photos of the vehicle are coming out everywhere, this points in the direction of a car that everyone wants to know about as soon as possible. Almost the only thing those looking into it seem to know for sure is that the vehicle is going to be a large one that will pull in a large amount of attention from all sectors. If they have to hide it that much, it seems that BMW has anticipated this to a strong degree as well. No matter what happens, it appears that BMW enthusiasts will have a lot to look forward to in general.

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