BMW Tire Maintenance Information & Facts

Discover all the ways to protect your luxury car's tires by watching our short tire service video.

It might seem minuscule to some, but having your tires  inspected on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do for  your car and your safety. Not only will this help ensure that your vehicle runs  at optimal levels, it will also help you avoid having to pay for costly repairs  that could have otherwise been avoided. Keep reading to learn about tire  service in Springfield as well as signs that your tires might need a little  help.

BMW Tire  Maintenance Is Important

Tire ServiceThere are many benefits that come with routine tire  inspections; however, the most important is your safety. Blowouts can happen if  your tire pressure is too low or your tires are overinflated. To avoid this  from happening, simply check your owner's manual for the recommended psi for  your tires. Then make sure you look at your tires' pressure readings on a  weekly or monthly basis, depending on how much you drive. Most experts suggest  having tire alignments and rotations performed on your vehicle every 10,000  miles.

If you notice that your tire pressure is too low, simply add  air. If they are overinflated, just let some air out until the pressure reaches  the suggested psi. If you're unsure, please bring your vehicle into our onsite  Springfield service center and one of our expert techs will be happy to help.

Signs That  You'll Probably Need New Tires

Here are some of the biggest symptoms that suggest your car  tires are bad:

  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Gouges, cracks and bulges in tires' sidewall
  • Tire "wear bars" are even

If you experience any of these symptoms, bring your vehicle  in for servicing right away. Whatever the problem is, you can count on our team  to find it and fix it in no time. If you have to get new tires, you'll discover  that we offer a wide selection of top brands to choose from, including  Goodyear, Michelin and Hankook.

Car Service You Can Count  On

BMW of Springfield offers high-quality auto  service in Springfield. Conveniently located at 3500 East Sunshine, our expert  techs will thoroughly look at your tires and diagnose any tire problems. If you  tires cannot be fixed, we'll help you find new tires for your car, truck or  SUV. Schedule your service appointment online today!

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