Video: How to Determine if Your Brakes Are Bad

Learn why receiving routine brake service in Springfield is so important by watching this short video.

The following are all signs that a part of your BMW's  brake system needs some TLC. Browse current service specials to see if we have  any brake service coupons available, and learn more about the signs of brake system  damage below. If you experience any of the symptoms described, visit our BMW  brake repair center in Springfield, MO.

Signs of a Brake Fluid Leak

Having to press the brake pedal nearly to the floor is  one telltale sign that there's a brake fluid leak. Another clear sign is visual  evidence of a leak beneath the car combined with a noticeable reduction in  stopping power. If you need help fixing a brake fluid leak in Springfield, the  certified technicians at our auto repair shop can assist you.  

When to Change Brake Rotors

Our technicians can take a good look at your rotors to  see if they've been scored or if they're warped. Generally, if you feel and  hear grinding, your BMW's brake pads could be completely worn down and there  are likely parts scraping against the brake rotors, which causes scratching on  the surface. Shaking is also a worrisome sign. If you feel vibration when  pressing the brake pedal, it could also mean that your rotors are uneven.

When to Change BMW Brake Pads

Ignore changing the brakes pads on your BMW and one day  you'll hear it - a dreaded high-pitched squealing. This accompanied by a  reduction, no matter how small, in stopping power means it's time to get your  car in the shop.

There's no exact service interval for changing brake pads  because this depends on several factors - from driving habits to the type of  pads you have on your car or SUV. If you hear squealing, it's a definite sign  that your pads are worn thin. However, even if you don't hear this and have  been told by your mechanic that your pads are 2.5-3mm thin, it's best to get  them changed right away. When you need BMW brake pad replacement and other brake  service in Springfield, Missouri, our repair shop is at your disposal. You may  also order OEM BMW  brake pads on our website.

Why Changing Brake Fluid Is Important

Brake fluid should be flushed periodically as a means of  preventative maintenance. Because it's a hydroscopic fluid, it absorbs moisture  over time, which makes it less effective at doing its job. Have your fluid  checked annually at our BMW repair center in Springfield to keep an eye on its  condition.

What does brake fluid do exactly? When the brake pedal is  pressed down, a chain of events occurs and the brake fluid is the facilitator.  It's what provides the force that pushes other brake components where they need  to go in order to stop a car. It also provides lubrication and protection from  corrosion.  

I'm Looking for  Brake Service near Me

Brake ServiceChoose BMW of Springfield's auto repair shop for your  vehicle maintenance needs. Worn brake components not only contribute to poor  performance but also to safety issues, and if neglected, can lead to more  expensive repairs than originally required.

All of the above are common signs and symptoms of brake  damage, but for a proper diagnosis, bring your car or SUV into our service  department. Unlike independent brake repair shops in Springfield, MO, we offer  OEM BMW brake pads, BMW-certified mechanics and complimentary perks like free  car washes with every service visit.

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