BMW and Amazon Web Services Announces New Partnership  

In a press release today, BMW and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a new collaboration. It is for the development of new cloud technologies. The companies are working together to create cloud solutions. They will manage vehicle data securely.

The collaboration with AWS will give BMW a distinct advantage. It is developing new technologies and services for the future. The AWS cloud platform is the most widely adopted in the world. Its services help them securely manage large volumes of data from its vehicles.

The new collaboration will build on the success of BMW's existing use of AWS. The company uses AWS for its in-vehicle infotainment system and ConnectedDrive platform.

It provides drivers with a range of features. Included are real-time traffic information, remote vehicle access, and personalized concierge services.

BMW is a leading innovator in the automotive industry. They are proud to work with AWS to help power their digital transformation. The AWS cloud platform and services give businesses flexibility and scalability. They can quickly develop and deploy new applications and services.

BMW Connected Technology

Currently, BMW-connected technology is in over 20 million cars in 50 countries. The fleet of connected BMW vehicles sends ten billion inquiries. They go back to the cloud platform.

The BMW Group is now looking to expand its connected technology even further. The company is developing a new platform. It will allow cars to communicate with each other and with infrastructure.

The new platform is currently in the testing phase. It will allow vehicles to share data, location, speed, and direction. The information is used to create a real-time map of traffic conditions.

The new platform will also allow cars to communicate with traffic lights. It will allow for things like smoother traffic flow and reduced congestion.

The My BMW App and other customer functions are based on vehicle data. It is interconnected with the cloud. The data can include information or data from the car's sensors. The data is used to provide optimal route guidance. It gives drivers over-the-air updates and hazard detection.

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