What is BMW xDrive?  

BMW xDrive is a ground-breaking new technology that cleverly combines different driving features to maximize agility and stability.

It is an intelligent all-wheel drive system with three modes - Normal, Sport, and Driving Dynamics Control. The active rear differential splits the power between the rear wheels according to the situation at hand by distributing more power at the front when steering or accelerating hard or taking on a steep gradient; sending more to the back wheels when there are contrasting surfaces such as wet tarmac, gravel or snow; sending power to both axles during hard braking.

BMW xDrive gives the car added agility in the dry and on the road, but when required, the rear axle helps restore balance and stability. It's a system that works harmoniously with BMW's other innovative technologies, such as DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), EDLC (Electric Power Steering), Brake Cornering Control, and M Dynamic Mode.

BMW xDrive is available on selected BMW models and is an optional extra with models that already come with an all-wheel drive. So when you buy a BMW with all-wheel purpose, you can have maximum driving pleasure whatever the weather or road conditions.

The BMW X6 comes with BMW xDrive as standard. It's the first time this kind of technology has been offered on an SUV, enabling the vehicle to drive through corners more efficiently, accelerating out of bends faster than before and with added reassurance.

The BMW X6 is the second BMW model after the BMW X5 to be fitted with xDrive as standard, but further models will follow in due course.

BMW xDrive is a unique product within BMW's portfolio and one of the first all-wheel drive systems to offer an intelligent, active rear differential. This takes the innovative all-wheel drive system one step further than in other cars and distributes power between the two axles, automatically adjusting itself according to driving conditions.

When driving or accelerating hard on dry tarmac, a small proportion of the power is sent to both wheels simultaneously when steering or braking hard in deep snow, more emphasis is allocated to assist traction when taking corners fast on gravel or loose tarmac, and more torque goes to both wheels, and this increases stability. The more power is distributed between the two axles, the more agile the BMW X6 becomes.

All-wheel drive is essential for rugged terrain, snow conditions, and dry roads, where it's crucial to maintain good traction and stability. In these conditions, an active rear differential does what it says, splits the power between axles depending on driving situations. So when going in a straight line on a dry road and distributing power equally between axles, an active rear differential can boost engine power by 100 percent in Sport mode at low speeds to maximize acceleration and traction without spinning the wheels.

To conclude, it's possible to say that the BMW xDrive system splits the power evenly between the front and rear wheels. This way, it provides balanced all-around power to all four wheels. For more information, visit our car dealership in Missouri.