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About Harmony House

In 1976, Harmony House opened its doors to domestic violence survivors. The goal was simple: help these survivors break the cycle of abuse through educational programs, referrals, advocacy and support. So far, many people - men, women, and children - have been helped through Harmony House services. Things have come a long way since its beginnings when shelter was provided through volunteer homes and hotels. Formerly known as the Family Violence Center, Harmony House now lodges up to 168 people, making it the largest domestic violence shelter in Missouri.

The Mission of Harmony House

Domestic violence is dangerous for all people involved, from the abuser to the abused adults, and especially, to innocent children who are caught in the crosshairs. One of the most fundamental problems that a domestic violence survivor has is not knowing where to go when seeking shelter. After all, most people don't have the money to relocate, and shelter is a fundamental safety issue.

Harmony House provides both shelter and outreach services to people who are survivors of domestic violence. Survivors are violated in so many ways over the years that they often are disoriented and don't know where to go from where they're at, both physically and emotionally.

Harmony House's counselors, support networks, and compassionate volunteers assist in giving resources and support to those escaping abusive homes. By offering their services, the organization will continue to transform thousands of lives into hopeful, serene success stories. These success stories become the foundation for others who are struggling to get out of the same situation.

Learn More Today

Harmony House is always willing to share its mission and story with others. Visit their website to learn more on how you can help today.