Vantablack BMW

So, What is Vantablack?

BMW is the first automaker to paint a vehicle with a Vantablack finish. Vantablack is a light-absorbing paint that is as black as you can imagine. BMW applied the paint to a 2020 X6. Vantablack is typically reserved for space-bound parts because of its unique properties and abilities. It is unlikely that this paint scheme will be used on any production vehicles in the near future.

So, What Makes it so Black?

What makes it so black? Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Array (VANTA), is basically a matrix created from microscopic carbon particles. Vantablack was originally developed by Surrey NanoSystems. The light that is absorbed by the paint is turned into heat. At a distance, the paint appears to take away all of the styling cues, curves, and three-dimensionality from the X6. It makes the external lights and grille more dramatic as they appear to be floating in space.

The Perfect Car For Vantablack

The paint is processed at temperatures in excess of 800 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used on materials such as aluminum. Surrey NanoSystems has rejected many requests from automakers in the past to use the paint but this time they felt the BMW X6 was the perfect car for the project. The paint was also beneficial to designers because they were able to focus on design elements without having to worry about light, shading, and reflections. The paint technology could soon be used for driver assistance and autonomous driving systems.

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