A lot of consumers gravitate towards the BMW brand when they’re considering a new vehicle. This is largely thanks to the modern features that BMW always includes in their models. They’re always pioneering new technology before other brands. One technology feature that is being used in the majority of the new BMW models on the market right now, is the BMW Digital Key feature. You can pair your smartphone to your vehicle, using your Digital Key to unlock and lock your vehicle, start it and much more. It’s a very easy piece of technology to use. It won’t require any kind of maintenance, and this is a very convenient feature for people who are constantly fumbling through their bags to find their car key.

Locking and Unlocking Your Doors

Your smartphone can be used to lock and unlock your car doors when you have BMW Digital Key. It takes just seconds to download the Digital Key app on your phone. When you’re near your vehicle, you simply tap the screen quickly to lock or unlock the doors or trunk.

Starting Up Your Engine

Your app for the BMW Digital Key function will let you start your vehicle without having to use the regular key fob. Once you have the app set up on your smartphone, you get into the vehicle and place your phone on the wireless charging station on your center console. A button will automatically pop up on your screen. You press the button once, and your vehicle will start up on its own.

Sharing Access with Others

You aren’t the only one who can use the BMW Digital Key feature. Any phone can download the Connected App. Once it’s downloaded, you can share an access link that will provide all the same features that you are currently using.

What Do You Need for the BMW Digital Key?
  • Your vehicle will need to have the iDrive 7.0 version or higher.
  • BMW Comfort Access.
  • A smartphone that is NFC-compliant.
  • The latest version of BMW Connected (App).

Activating Your BMW Digital Key

Log into your BMW Connected App. This is through your ConnectedDrive account that you have signed up for. The Digital Key icon will be available here. Once you’ve installed it, you will need to get into your vehicle to pair everything up. You’ll need the physical key for this step as well. Place your smartphone inside of your wireless charging tray. The iDrive screen should come up, and you can select BMW Digital Key from the menu. You will be asked to select some of your personal preferences in order to complete the setup.

If you would like some assistance with setting up your BMW Digital Key technology, you can visit BMW of Springfield. One of our specialists can help you get set up. It’s very easy to use and maintain once you have everything activated.