What Technology Makes the BMW X Series Better than Other SUVs

BMW X Series

The X series BMW is better than other SUVs for many reasons. Though luxurious amenities like leather with fine stitching and wood grain dashboards come in all BMW and most other manufacturer models, it’s the technology which separates BMW from the pack. Here are some of the absolutely incredible features in technology that BMW has created in its new X Series models.

Heads Up Information is Easy to Read

First and foremost, its head’s up display not only shows the drivers current speed but when the car is above the speed limit, it changes colors from white to orange. Moreover, it shows RPM levels, shift points for manual X Series and even nearest exits with upcoming curves in the road. The coolest part which separates the X from other SUV’s is that while it can detect if you’re drifting into another lane, the vehicle physically corrects itself back into the center of the lane. This actionable interaction is lightyears ahead of competitors that merely create an audible or visual cue in such a situation.

Gesture Control Ahead of the Competition

One of the other advanced features which defines the X Series is its gesture control to adjust Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Sirius XM, wireless technology or other audible connections. Drivers simply turn their hand in front of the dashboard without physically touching anything and then the audio levels adjust according to the drivers exact specifications. If this wasn’t great enough as a standalone feature, the X models also includes a physical directional toggle joystick to switch between navigation, audio and more with natural swiftness.

Wifi Hotspot and Other Amenities

In terms of personal technological features, the X Series have a dedicated WiFi hotspot in order to connect the SUV to the internet. Losing a connection is a thing of the past in an X Series, and a wireless phone charging pad is included directly into the dashboard within arm’s reach at all times. Also within arm’s reach is a heating and cooling pull-out accessory which fits into the cup holder and will heat or cool your drink on demand.

Hands Free Liftgate

One of the other great features of the X Series is the hands-free trunk opening. With just the flick of your foot under the rear bumper, the trunk will open without having to touch anything at all in the event that your hands are full or you want to show off the excellent technology which the car has.

To learn more about these exciting features and others, like the forward collision avoidance alert, for example, you are cordially invited to contact or come down to the BMW of Springfield dealership and try everything out in person! Their associates are happy to answer any questions that you may have about why BMW X Series are the best SUV’s on the market.

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