VIDEO: How to Use the Climate Control System in Your New or Used BMW Car

Keeping It Comfortable In Your BMW

Whether you have a new or used BMW, you have a climate control system that will keep things comfortable and cool - or warm, depending on what you need - during every journey. Given that a BMW is a luxury vehicle, the climate control systems in these vehicles tend to be more customized and advanced than on other brands. While other vehicles have simple hot/cold knobs, or digital temperature settings with arrows you can press up or down, with BMW, you can usually adjust the temperature in different zones in the car as well. It's simple and to the point, but it gives you more flexibility in terms of comfort.

How To Use The Climate Control System in your BMW

Newer models are going to sometimes have more options than older models. For example, very old models of BMW may even have knobs instead of digital temperature readouts. Nowadays, you're going to have a precise digital readout of what the temperature is in your BMW, and you can adjust your settings based on your comfort level.

  • The climate control system will be in the center dash of the car, allowing both driver and passenger to control the settings
  • If it's a very high end model, you're likely going to have different zones in the car to control, and that means the driver can choose a certain temperature and so can the passenger (if it's a BMW SUV, you may have other zones, such as second or third row, to control)
  • The driver can look at the temperature in the vehicle and adjust up or down (most of the time the temperature control is a knob)
  • You can choose to SYNC the temperatures for driver and front passenger, which gives you the same temperature for both zones

There are some special functions of the climate control system. For example, you can choose to "MAX AC" which gives you a refreshing blast of cold air and sets everything to the lowest temperature. If you have a newer model BMW, you can use the touchscreen to adjust vehicle settings and really get into specifics of air temperature and ventilation to make sure that everyone is really comfy and cozy all the way around, whether it's the middle of summer or the dead of winter. Climate control settings on a new or used BMW are very important because it can really make or break a long country drive or a road trip. Regular maintenance should always be performed on the climate control system as well, making sure that there are adequate fluids and that air filters are optimal.

Call The Dealership For More Information

BMW owners with questions about their Climate Control center are always welcome to call into the dealership for more specific information. Whether you have a general question or a Climate Control problem to take care of, the friendly folks here are always standing by ready to help you. Climate Control remains one of the keys to getting the most enjoyment out of your BMW. Don't overlook its maintenance or its general importance in terms of satisfaction of your BMW experience. For further information, just call, write, or stop by our dealership. We'll be happy to help.

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